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Monday, January 10, 2005

We did Bucky's 30,000 mile service yesterday. Okay, so the odometer read just over 34,000 miles, but it's been cold in the garage and his oil was clean.

Tranny fluid, though? Especially in the turret? Ooooooh. Yeah. That needed to be changed. Shouldn't have let it go that long.

So, a 30,000 mile service sees the transmission fluid, fluid in the differential (please refer to the "positraction" speech in My Cousin Vinny as to what a differential does), and oil all get changed. We also swapped in new fog lamps, adjusted the clutch and checked out the belts. Everything's awesome.

Technically, a dealership's service would have also included a tire rotation and brake check, but we did the brakes back at the begining of December.

Woo. We rule.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Awww, Brad and Jen broke up.

::does the lick-finger-air-tick-mark-thing::

This means that we've managed to outlast both of the big celeb marriages of 2000! Go us! First the Angelina/Billy Bob bust up, and now this! We rule!


Okay, it's petty to gloat. I admit that. But sometimes, when you're feeling down about the state of your bank account (empty), and the state of your beauty (subpar), petty is the only way to go.

I should probably note that Adam's devistated by the news. He awww'd when I told him and then said he thought they'd stick it out. Then again, this is the same guy who hopes Tom and Nicole will get it together for the sake of the kids. I don't know. My innocence was crushed with the demise of Burt and Loni, so I'm not holding out much hope for any celebrity reconcilliation.

So now the question becomes who will the rebounds be? I've got my money on a Jennifer/Kanye West hook-up.

And can't you just see Brad taking a shot at Nicole?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Oy. The cold that has been kicking my ass since before Christmas has planted a flag in my posterior and declared victory.

As it is, I'm staying home today. I worked through it for two weeks (yes, I expect a parade for that), while people like, oh, the husband, stayed home and nursed cup after cup of hot tea and sympathy.

Well now it's my turn! Wooo! Put on the kettle, Mama's staying home!

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